Texans Dominate Western College Open

Texans Dominate Western College Open

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The Texans dominated the men's race from the beginning with a pack of orange racing straight to the front.


Three-time All-American Antibahs Kibiwott quickly separated himself from the rest of the pack and went on the claim the easy victory, completing the muddy 8,000-meter course in 27 minutes, 31 seconds.


Freshman Kelvin Keter and sophomore Colton Hollis took the second and third spots, while Hasaan Abdi, Jose Martinez, and Jacob Clark finished fifth, sixth, and seventh.


The SPC men easily claimed the team title with 17 points, outdistancing NCAA Division I member Abilene Christian by 32 points.


A trio of newcomers led the Lady Texans to a third place finish in the women's race.


Victoria Salvadores completed the 5,000-meter course in 22:06.0 to finish seventh.  Kassidi Jones and Benisse Inamahoro were 12th and 13th, respectively.


Sophomore J'Cee Holmes was 19th overall and was followed by Kailtlyn Henderson in 21st.


The Lady Texans finished with a team score of 64 points.


Next up for the SPC Cross Country teams will be the Texas Tech Invitational Friday, Sept. 12.



Texans            1st (17 points)

1st        Atibahs Kibiwott       27:31

2nd       Kelvin Keter              28:11

3rd       Colton Hollis               28:14

5th       Hassan Abdi               28:49

6th       Jose Martinez             29:39

7th       Jacob Clark                 29:51

11th     Isaac Clark                 30:12


Lady Texans 3rd (64 points)

7th       Victoria Salvadores   22:06

12th     Kassidi Jones             22:51

14th     Benisse Inamahoro   22:58

19th     J'Cee Holmes              23:31

21st     Kaitlin Henderson     23:55