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10.14.2011 - [Rodeo]
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PERRYTON, Texas - The South Plains College Texan and Lady Texan rodeo teams have begun competition at their fourth rodeo of the season, hosted by Frank Phillips College in Perryton. SPC athletes will look to creep further up the standings and get into contention for a berth to the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) this summer. To do so, they must be in the top three of their respective event.

Entering the fourth rodeo, six from SPC are in the top 15 and will be competing in Perryton. They include: J.T. Pettitt and Kory McLaughlin in bull riding; Blake Gagnon and Ty Willick in steer wrestling; Jessie Kate Cole in barrel racing; and Sarah Walker in goat tying.

Below is a schedule as to when SPC athletes are competing and the events they are competing in.

SPC competitors at Frank Phillips Rodeo

1st Performance Thursday @ 7PM

Tyke Kipp Saddlebronc

Lane Wright Saddlebronc

Blake Gagnon Calf Roping

Blake Gagnon Steer Wrestling Currently 9th in SW Region

Kipp/Wing Team Roping

Jessie Kate Cole Barrel Racing Currently 15th in SW Region

Sarah Walker Breakaway Roping

Kimberly Hendley Goat Tying

Sarah Walker Goat Tying Currently 12th in SW Region

Kelli Kindig Goat Tying

Slack after Thursday Performance

Kory McLaughlin Bull Riding Currently 12th in SW Region

Amanda Nicholson Barrel Racing

Teanna Matchett Barrel Racing

Sarah Walker Barrel Racing

Slack Friday @ 9AM

Russell Schilling Calf Roping

Murphey Black Calf Roping

Cole Team Roping

Gagnon/Willick Team Roping

Black Team Roping

Courtney Conklin Barrel Racing

Keyla Kothman Barrel Racing

Kelsee Watkins Breakaway Roping

Karly Johnson Breakaway Roping

Kelli Kindig Breakaway Roping

Jessie Kate Cole Breakaway Roping

Savannah Hull Goat Tying

Amanda Nicholson Goat Tying

2nd Performance Friday @ 7PM

J.T. Pettitt Bull Riding Currently 9th in SW Region

Ty Willick Steer Wrestling Currently 10th in SW Region

Tyke Kipp Steer Wrestliing

Hull/Martin Team Roping

Courtney Conklin Breakaway Roping

Kimberly Hendley Breakaway Roping

Slack after Friday Performance

Trey Paul Meeks Bull Riding

Larami Stewart Barrel Racing

Slack Saturday @ 9AM

Asa Daugherty Calf Roping

Kothman/Pettitt Team Roping

Kindig Team Roping

Menefee/Lehmann Team Roping

Meeks/McLaughlin Team Roping

Daugherty/Cervantes Team Roping

Karly Johnson Barrel Racing

Savannah Hull Barrel Racing

Laramie Wing Breakaway Roping

Savannah Hull Breakaway Roping

Keyla Kothman Breakaway Roping

Laramie Wing Goat Tying