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02.21.2011 - [Texans]
Dr. Knotts won Covenant's Vegas raffle
Dr. Knotts won Covenant's Vegas raffle

LEVELLAND, Texas - Due to the unexpected and tragic death of a family member on their wedding day, Dr. I-Fan and Terry Knotts were unable to go on a honeymoon when they were married 11 years ago. The winning ticket she purchased last Thursday not only helped raise money for breast cancer awareness, but is giving Dr. Knotts and her husband the opportunity to go on a honeymoon 11 years later.

Dr. Knotts received her Ph.D. in Spanish from Texas Tech University and has since studied and visited many countries including; Taiwan, Japan, Panama, Bolivia, Mexico, Germany, and Spain. Her interest in languages began when she was very young as her father was fluent in several languages and her mother was a school teacher who loved her career, inspiring her to a career that has brought her to South Plains College.

A professor and advisor of Foreign Languages at South Plains College since August 1999, Dr. Knotts, an Asian-American, still enjoys the reaction she gets from others when they find out she is a Spanish teacher.

"They assume I teach Japanese, Chinese, Math, or Science," says Dr. Knotts. "Unable to accept the response they hear, these people proceed to ask me to say something in Spanish."

In her spare time, Dr. Knotts enjoys volunteer work, playing piano and feels blessed to have a beautiful family, wonderful friends, and phenomenal colleagues. Dr. Knotts and her husband, Terry, have three children.

Proceeds from the raffle will help provide screening mammograms at Levelland's Covenant Hospital for qualified women in Hockley County.